Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Square 1 Club's first blog post! I'm sure you're wondering who we are and what we do.

Square 1 is a health club for People of Size - aka people on a weight loss journey who have lost or are looking to lose 50lbs or more. There are structured workouts, personal training options, and even educational classes along with a community who GETS IT and will support you every step of your journey!

This is not a "gym" but a club of PURPOSE!

Square 1 is run by Marty and Amy Wolff. Sound familiar? Well they should if you watch The Biggest Loser - they were both contestants during Season 3 of The Biggest Loser who met and fell in love! Marty and Amy use what they learned on The Biggest Loser along with personal training certifications and the help of nutrition and mental health experts to create an experience like no other here in the Omaha area.

We have a variety of membership packages suited to a variety of lifestyles.

Want to know more? Come check us out at: