Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Meet a Member - Melissa T., Week 51

Keep Fighting

March 3, 2015


Thoughts for the Week…

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My accountability coach said this week, “Our bodies are like a science experiment.” No doubt! Although I had a great week of staying in my calorie range and 7 workouts for the week, I am up 1.2 pounds. I felt good about the week too…definitely not expecting a gain, especially more than a pound! Maybe I ate more sodium this week…maybe I didn’t drink enough water…maybe, maybe, maybe. We just never really know how our body will react to anything we do. To me, that’s what makes losing weight disappointing. I’m thinking I had a great week, then BAM…I gained over a pound. What do I revert to thinking then? That I’m a failure. Even though over the course of more than a year I’ve had so many successes to get me to where I am, my old mindset sneaks back in and whispers, “I knew you couldn’t stay there.” Just as fat cells only shrink and are starving to grab onto anything BAD I put in my body, my old habits of thinking have only gotten smaller and are starving to grab onto anything that makes this journey difficult for me and hang onto it. Sometimes we think, “If only I was skinny, all my problems would go away.” NOT TRUE! Yesterday at Train-Your-Brain we went around the room and shared a moment of positive from the week. I had nothing. When I look down at my body I still see the old me. Will that ever go away? My seed of doubt has definitely gotten smaller over the past year, but will it ever go away or will I have to continue to fight it for the rest of my life?


Get Moving!

Part 1: 15-20 minutes

  • Super Sets - 3 sets of 15 reps
    • Tuck Jumps
    • Push ups
    • Mountain Climbers
    • In and Out Planks
    • Squats
    • Lunges – both legs = 1
    • Sit-Ups
    • Supermans


Part 2: 8-16 minutes

  • 2 Times thru
    • 50 Jumping jacks followed by a 1 minute plank
    • 50 Dips followed by a 1 minute plank
    • 50 hop squats followed by a 1 minute plank


Meet a Member - Melissa T., Week 50


February 24, 2015


Thoughts for the Week…

I DID IT! I lost one pound this week, for a total weight loss of 83 pounds and UNDER my long-term weight goal of 160 pounds. Time to celebrate with chocolate cake…just kidding! I’ll celebrate by buying some new clothes or workout shoes instead. I started this journey a little over one year ago, February 8, 2014. If someone could’ve read my future and told me I’d be at my goal a year later I never would’ve believed them. There’s no way I could’ve pictured in my head me 83 pounds lighter. I lacked the confidence in myself to even believe I could do this. I think the most important skill that I’ve learned that have attributed to my goal being met is food journaling. Writing down every single thing that I eat, every single day. Here’s my day 1 picture and my year picture:




Get Moving!

3-4 rounds

  • 4 burpees
  • 8 Challenge Push-ups (any push-up that is challenging for you)
  • 12 Wall Balls
  • 16 box jumps
  • 20 Kettle bell swings
  • 24 Sit-ups