Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The cost of your health

One recurring theme these days is how much everything costs. Gas prices are rising, groceries are getting ridiculous, and family vacations have turned into "staycations." When the economy gets tough, our wallets get tighter.

All of these factors may have you considering getting rid of your gym membership. But before you do, consider the following:
- Overweight and obese people pay an average of $1800 - $3,000 more PER YEAR than those of a lower weight (in comparison, a smoker only pays an average of $1200 more per year than a nonsmoker) according to the Mayo Clinic.
- Forbes found that every 100 lbs of weight reduces the fuel efficiency of a vehicle by 2%  - so if you are a couple that is each 50lbs overweight or more, you are paying significantly more for your fuel.
- The healthier you are, the less work you will miss (CDC). With so many employers paying hourly and getting rid of  paid time off for illness, that can mean a loss of wages.
- Working out makes you feel happier overall, which can reduce or eliminate visits to a therapist and can help you to develop better coping skills.
- Love to travel? One airline has already implemented airfare rates based on weight, and others may soon follow their lead - so the bigger you are, the more you would have to pay to fly.

Finally, if cost still bothers you, consider checking out sites like healthywage.com or gym-pact.com who actually pay you for the workouts that you put in or the results that you obtain. This can offset the price of your gym membership.

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