Thursday, June 20, 2013

Obesity is now an official disease - what this means for YOU

It was breaking news yesterday that was bittersweet - the American Medical Association officially declared obesity as a "disease" rather than just a health problem.

As we touched on in our last blog post, there are many side effects to obesity, and it can seem like an overwhelming proposition to move toward better health when you are coping not just with extra weight but also with the side effects that come with it.

With this new declaration, there is finally hope that the medical insurance community will finally see the benefit to both preventative programs and to weight loss programs and will provide funding for clients looking to take advantage of either in order to become more healthy. It also helps to encourage medical professionals to recognize that obesity is a complex disorder with multiple factors to consider rather that just a patient "being lazy" or "unwilling to try to become smaller and healthier."

While we are saddened that obesity has become such an epidemic, we are applauding AMA's decision to recognize obesity for what it really is - a disease with no fast and easy approach to treatment.

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