Monday, January 27, 2014

Using the Big Game to lose Big Calories!!

With the Super Bowl being rated the second highest day of food consumption in the year – second only to Thanksgiving – Square One health club members are once again forgoing a traditional Super Bowl party filled with unhealthy snacks and reaching for the cardio equipment instead.  

According to the Calorie Control Council, the average Super Bowl watcher will consume 1,200 calories while watching the big game. At Square One, the average Calorie Crunch participant will burn that same amount by working out and choosing healthy snacks instead! 

“It’s all about giving yourself healthy options and alternatives,” said Marty Wolff, owner of Square One and former contestant on The Biggest Loser. “This is a way to have a fun party atmosphere while staying away from temptations.”

Twenty Square One members are expected to participate in this year’s event. In the first year of the Calorie Crunch, members burned approximately 23,000 calories. Last year, members burned 25,000 calories. The goal for this year is to hit 30,000 calories burned throughout the game. Participants will be burning calories by working out at various exercise stations, with the ability to take breaks as needed and indulge in healthy snacks to stay fueled.

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