Monday, February 24, 2014

Meet a Member - Arianna P., Week 2

Week two... on the grind. So far, this week has been the toughest. I had my first "Train Your Brain" and accountability classes. Marty talked about recognizing when we overeat, "jumping off the cliff," and saying "no" to foods. I tend to overeat when it's sitting in front of me, whether on a table or on my plate, or if it's in between lunch and dinner when too much time has passed between the two. Usually, these are the times when I also jump off the cliff -- those moments when you're hungry, stressed out, sad, angry, whatever, and you say "I've had three cookies already, forget it," and you eat the rest of the package. I've had two of those moments this week -- Valentine's Day and the day after (my best friend's birthday party). I realize those moments when I'm about to jump off the cliff and belly flop in the ocean, but I don't stop myself. I just let it happen, feel like hell, and hate myself the next day. That needs some fixin'. After accountability, my calories have shrunk way lower than the calorie app I use says I can eat and lose 1-2 pounds a week. That also came into play for why I overate. It'll take some getting used to to not overeat during the day.

As far as working out, it's been going good. I had three different trainers the three days I went and every workout was different. Marty likes the ropes, straps, and cords to do various exercises. The new trainer, Kim, introduced me to wood chops. With this exercise, you take a weight and slam it down on a giant tire like you are chopping wood. This is probably my least-favorite exercise. Becca threw in cards, ladders, and yoga balls. I found out there are stomach muscles under my belly -- I had some rolling abdominal cramps for about 10 minutes after doing crunches on the yoga ball (those SUCK!). They went away, and I was able to finish the workout though.

I hope the rest of this week I stop being so sore and tired (who said the soreness goes away after one week?!?) and that I lose at least 1 pound (last week it was 0.2 lbs, but I hadn't started my new calorie intake yet).
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