Friday, April 17, 2015

Meet a Member - Melissa T. - Week #53

Stay Strong…Eat Healthy
March 17, 2015
    Thoughts for the Week…

Awww, spring break! A week of sleeping in and no schedules. Although I look forward to it every year, it’s difficult to get through without just letting go and saying, “I’m on vacation, I can eat ____.” I spent the first 3 days at home cleaning. I maintained my work-schedule-eating-times as best I could. Later in the week my children and I went to visit my grandma for a couple of days. She’s 94 years old and still lives at home. She no longer drives, so whenever we come to visit she wants to go out! And I don’t mean to go shopping…it’s to eat! She’s got her favorite fast food places that she always wants to go to. I oblige, put on my warrior hat and make good food choices! Is it easy? NO, but I do it. I ended the week pretty balanced (3 stars, 1 smiley, and 3 frowny faces). Being out of town I was only able to get in 2 workouts for the week. Even after all that, I was down a whole pound! I certainly wasn’t expecting it. I had a MUCH better week prior to this week and only lost 0.4. Sometimes I feel like my body takes a week to figure out what’s going on and then I see the results of the week. When we set goals tonight for the upcoming week I mentioned that I was going out of town for 5 WHOLE DAYS with my BFF. I’m so excited for this trip with her! We’ve gone back home together before many times, but never anywhere else. I’m not concerned at all about overindulging in food when I’m with her, but, alcohol? Maybe!
Get Moving!
·      Round 1:
o   160 jump ropes
o   80 air squats
o   40 situps
o   20 hand-release pushups
·      Round 2:
o   120 jump ropes
o   60 air squats
o   30 sit-ups
o   15 hand-release pushups
·      Round 3:
o   80 jump ropes
o   40 air squats
o   20 sit-ups
o   10 hand-release pushups
·      Round 4:
o   40 Reps of Jump ropes
o   20 air squats
o   10 sit-ups

o   5 hand-release pushups

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