Friday, May 8, 2015

Meet a Member - Melissa T. Week #55

That Thing Called “Life”

April 2015


Thoughts for the Week…

I knew I was behind a blog, maybe two, but when I went back and actually looked, I haven’t blogged since the end of March. WOW…time flies! Easter happened, state testing at school happened and life happened. Have you ever said, “Life just got in the way,” when talking about healthy eating or exercising? What does that mean? We are all very busy with this thing called “life”, but if we allow it “to get in the way” of a goal we’re trying to attain, we will never reach that goal. We will always have “life” to deal with. If we don’t have “life” to deal with, that means we’ve either just given up or have died! Neither of which we want! Here’s how I handle that thing called “life”:


  1. PLAN! Planning takes time…lots of time! I try to have a weekly idea of what I will make for dinner each evening. If I’m able to cook 3 times during the workweek, hopefully that means the other 2 nights can be leftovers. I find that if I don’t plan for dinner meals, my children will just grab anything and everything they can and not really have eaten anything of substance. (Not a good habit to start and definitely not an easy one to stop.)
  2. Keep committed to workouts! Since I started at Square One, I set aside certain days of the week that I planned to go to the gym. (There’s that word “plan” again.) Have there been days that I haven’t wanted to go? Have there been days I should’ve continued with the giant pile of laundry that’s been sitting there for a week? Have there been days that I was behind on lesson planning or grading and should do that instead? Yes…Yes…and YES! The will ALWAYS be things that you should do, but you need to a) remind yourself why you began this journey, b) remind yourself that you must take time for yourself, and c) remember the negative after thoughts you will have if you break that promise to yourself. Bottom line…just keep committed to workouts!


  1. Stay Positive! We are the type of people who start and quit, start and quit, start and quit. We need to be surrounded by POSITIVES to help us remember that we are worth fighting this struggle! When we are faced with temptations, we forget the positives. We must fight back any temptations with POSITIVE thinking! We can never, ever, ever have too much positive!

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Get Moving!

  • 10 rounds of:
    • 10 burpees
    • 25 squats
    • 25 push ups
    • 10 box jumps
    • 25 sit ups
    • 10 tricep dips

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