Thursday, September 4, 2014

Meet a Member - Melissa T, Weeks 28 & 29

Week 28 & 29

August 19, 2014 & August 26, 2014

Thoughts for the Week…

Well, 2 weeks have gone by since I’ve blogged. Where has my mind gone? Last week I talked about not remembering how I fit everything in while school was in session. The past two weeks I’ve done a much better job planning on Sunday for the upcoming week’s meals. But then once I think I’ve got it down again, I think to myself, "I still haven’t done my blog from 2 weeks ago!" Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

Three weeks ago is when I had my 7-star stellar week and lost 3.6 pounds. It’s difficult to have 2 weeks in a row with those high numbers. That being said, two weeks ago I ended the week with 6 stars and 1 BFF-induced drunken pig face (but we sure did have fun!) and only lost 0.6 pounds. This week I ended with 6 stars and 1 smiley face with 5 workouts with a weight loss of 3 pounds! As of right now, I am 24 pounds away from my goal weight. TWENTY FOUR pounds!! Forty pounds ago that seemed like so far away, but now, I can see it…t’s right around the corner! That’s pretty exciting!

Next week, it’s picture time! I’ll include an updated pic and hopefully will get my measurements updated. Stay tuned!

WOD (Workout of the Day)

Yeah! They’re back! Here’s one to get you started:

3 Rounds:

o Run a 400

o 50 air squats

o 40 Push ups

o 30 Lunges

o 20 push press

o 10 burpees

Ponder this…

With football season upon us, I must remember that I have to "Stick to the Plan!" I don’t’ go to football game parties to watch the game. I go to socialize, eat and drink. I am going to have to change my mindset and remind myself those behaviors are not going to help me get to my goal.

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