Monday, December 8, 2014

Meet a Member - Melissa T, Week 39

Week 39
November 4, 2014
Thoughts for the Week…
  • Another 2.8 pounds down! It’s amazing to me how this can just keep happening. What’s more amazing to me is the fact that I am less than 10 pounds away from my GOAL weight!
  • Negative resistance…what does that mean? This past Saturday in Train Your Brain, one of the members had shared that she didn’t have a great week in terms of eating and was apprehensive about weighing in that morning. Marty said that we, as food addicts, view this “bad week” as a huge setback and oftentimes just give up after something like this happens. We are pros at giving excuses, giving in and ultimately giving up. The times when you know you haven’t done your best and have to weigh in are the times when we feel that negative resistance. We must go through that negative resistance to keep going. Knowing she didn’t have a good eating week, she could have easily just not came to class that day and given up. Instead, knowing she didn’t have a good eating week, she fought through that negative resistance, showed up to class, weighed in and will get back on track.
WOD (Workout of the Day)
  • 6 Sets
    • 10 Hand Release Push-ups
    • 15 tricep dips
    • 20 sit ups
    • 30 squats
    • 40 Mountain Climbers
    • 50 jumping jacks
    • 60 second wall sit
Ponder this…
Macintosh HD:Users:eturnem486:Desktop:S1 Blogs:negatives to develop.jpg

·         Negative resistance…when we choose to fight through it we turn our mindsets around and change our behavior. When we let that negative resistance win, we give excuses, give in and give up. This week, be mindful in fighting against that negative resistance!

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