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Meet a Member - Melissa T, week 44

Christmas Happens!

December 30, 2014


Thoughts for the Week…

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Well I didn’t have that warrior-like mentality during the Christmas holiday like I knew I was going to need. I ended the week with 3 smileys, 3 frowny faces and only ONE star day. For as jiggly, bloated and fat as I felt, I was only up 1.8 pounds, putting me back to 3 pounds away from my goal. It’s been since right before Thanksgiving that I’ve been SO CLOSE to meeting my goal. I’d really like to weigh in next week at my goal weight.


Even though Christmas happens only once a year, there are TONS of other events that also “happen only once a year”. I feel like that has become an excuse or a justification we give ourselves to eat or drink something. Our bodies don’t know it’s a special event; it’s our minds that make us think we should eat something just because it’s my birthday or it’s Christmas or it’s Friday!   As food addicts, every day we are living on unstable ground. One bite of something can trigger ourselves to hit the f-it switch and dive off the cliff into either lapse or relapse. A lapse is a one time/one day slip up. Relapse is a full-fledged diving back into our old addictive habits. Yes, holidays happen and birthdays happen and guess what? Fifty-two Fridays happen! And although they are a part of life, at some point we ARE going to lapse and we ARE going to make bad choices. But, we need to make those bad choices fewer and far between.


Get Moving!

  • 5 rounds
    • 50 jumping jacks
    • 40 squats
    • 30 crunches
    • 20 high knees (both legs = 1)
    • 10 push-ups

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