Friday, May 16, 2014

Meet a Member - Arianna P, Week 14


A few weeks back, I titled my blog "Call me Cecil," like the cartoon character Cecil Turtle because I was going to keep plodding away at my fitness goals. After some trying weeks, major hills, and disappointments, now I am thinking "Call me Flip Flop." That is what my weight has been doing the last 3-4 weeks. I had the week where I lost almost 4 pounds. The next week I gained 6. Last week, I gained another 1.8. This week, I lost 0.4 pounds. At least I didn't gain, so I am happy about that. Even a small loss is still a loss.

Last week's goal was to get three stars. And it was rough for me to do. That first day after accountability, I did it. I had one down, at least 2 more to go. the next 3 days, I ate almost 3000 calories each day. I don't know what happened. No planning? Being hungry? Not enough protein (which I think is one of my biggest issues)? Then I had one star day (yes!), followed by another 2800+ day. Monday I was doing so good, but I went 20 calories over because I had a quarter of an apple at lunch that I forgot to log. My calories were all off then. I didn't feel like it at the time, but I guess I said, "Screw it," and jumped off the cliff. Earlier in the week, my sister and I got some fast food for dinner and there was a free lemon cake with it. Every day, I'd open the fridge and see it sitting there, and resisted. Then yesterday, I thought to myself, "I'm sick of seeing this in here, but I don't want to waste it." So what did I do? I ate the rest of the cake. Four small slices = 840 calories. I went from being a practically star zone smiley face to a "what the hell happened?" sad face. I have a bad problem with food. I feel like I should have it under control by now, but it still controls me. That has to change.

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