Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meet a Member - Arianna P, Week 15


Tick tock, tick tock. Time passes, and I feel like I'm going backwards. I've been told that the number on the scale isn;t as important as the little things that are changing. But when you start off as heavy as I was/am, the number become more important. Last week, I had a goal of three stars. I didn't make that goal, but I wasn't surprised about that. I had more sad faces than I ever has at the same time. I gained last week. This week, I was so much better. I WANTED to get those 3 stars. I wanted it this week. I was more active last week than I had been in a while. I worked out Monday and TuesdayWednesday was Field Day at my school. Get this... I... RAN! I was running a station based on "Dairy of a Wimpy Kid," where the kids were trying to spread the Cheese Touch. But the cheese was wet sponges. When it was 6th grade's turn, I played too. I ran around, avoiding the Cheese Touch and chasing after the kids to spread the infection when I got it. It was so much fun!

When it came time for accountability, I knew I had lost at least a pound. I ran for Pete's sake! Weigh in time. I gained another 1.8 pounds. What the heck is going on?!? After everyone weighed in, we were asked if we had any goals. I said, "I'm done with that. I tried making a goal and did it both ways as far as my eating. I have gained darn near the last 4 weeks. I'm done with trying to set a goal, because it doesn't work." Everyone asked me, "What did you do when you first started?" 

"I ate, not paying too much attention to what I ate. That sounds bad. I mean I payed attention and tried to watch sugar and fast food and stuff. But I wasn't solely focused on getting stars. I ate. I worked out. That's it."

"So go back to that. Eat and work out. Don't focus on getting the stars. So no goals this week."

Back to the basics. Without aiming for stars, I naturally ate under my calories two days so far this week. I'm trying not to get too hopeful, but maybe I will actually lose this upcoming week. I need to get measured again. It's been awhile. Maybe my measurements will be different.

Keep on keepin' on! =)

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