Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet a Member - Arianna P, Week 5

Week 5: Sick, Tired, But Still Kickin'!

After last Tuesday's weigh-in, I was ready to workout on Thursday. Unfortunately Wednesday night, I ate something that didn't sit well with me and was having stomach issues for two days. Dare I say, I've reached the point where not working out ticks me off. I was SOOO mad that I couldn't go in! I got a smidge out of practice missing Thursday, because I went 5 days without a workout. Saturday was hard, but it was easy to fall back into the routine and sweat it out (have I mentioned that Kim is awesome?)!

Tonight was a personal landmark for me. I finished the first class, and as it ended, I thought to myself, "When will this get easier?" Everything still hurts when I exercise, but not working out is NOT the answer. We were all stretching and I wasn't ready to leave yet. So I stayed for two classes! Sound the trumpets! Send out alarms! I did it. I feel awesome. And you know what? I wanna do it again. =D    

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