Monday, March 24, 2014

Meet a Member - Melissa T, Week 6

Week 6
March 18, 2014

Thoughts for the Week…
·        2.8 more pounds down for a grand total of 19.4 pounds so far! I’m hoping to clear the 20 pound mark next week!
·        Well, I didn’t listen very well to Marty last week. L I decided to drink again on Saturday. We went out to eat and I drank margaritas, which was preceded by beer at home. I made good choices on the food I ate. I asked for a chicken soft corn shell taco, even though it wasn’t on the menu. One of the people that was with us asked me what I was going to do if they wouldn’t get that for me since it wasn’t on the menu. I didn’t have an answer because I didn’t know the answer. I thought I was being prepared, which I was to an extent, but not prepared enough to know what to do if the waitress said no. So, yes, it was a “big fat drunken pig face” night! And just like last weekend, my body felt like crap the next day. My goal for now is NO alcohol. I need to keep reminding myself that the alcohol is not going to get me to where I want my body to go.

·        This week in Train your Brain part of the discussion got off topic and Marty was sharing some of his experience of being on the Biggest Loser. He mentioned that the doctor had told some of the contestants at the end of the contest that if they were to maintain their current weight they’d have to work out x number of hours a week. Marty said one contestant was like, “What? I have to continue to do this?” That’s where I previously failed. I lost weight before and that was the end of it. I didn’t continue to plan my food or to workout and all of that damn weight came back on. It’s not rocket science to figure out that I am going to have to continue to eat well, keep a food journal, and work out several nights a week to keep this weight off, but some days my brain starts going backwards thinking that once I get to my long term weight loss goal, this journey has ended. So not true! This journey can never end.

Wednesday Workout
·        I work out with a group of teachers on Wednesdays and Fridays after school. Below is one of the workouts we did this week…simple, but effective!

o   20 minute AMRAP
§  10 push press
§  10 kettle bell swings
§  10 box jumps

Ponder this…

·        We also discussed emotional eating today in Train your Brain. Eating because you are stressed. Or eating because you are lonely. Or eating because someone makes you mad. When we talked about this I remembered a quote I saw while driving with my husband. “He who angers you, controls you.” I remember saying to him, “I am never going to let you make me mad again because that means I am letting you control me. That’s not going to happen!!” We need to remember that when we are emotional, turning to food is not an option. Emotionally eating makes the problem worse because not only are we avoiding feelings, after we shove our faces with crap food we always feel bad about ourselves because we’ve strayed from our diet, which in turn makes us disappointed in ourselves. One Solution?? Label our feelings - I’m (upset, stressed, lonely, angry, etc), NOT hungry.

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