Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meet a Member - Arianna P, Week 7

I have a number! ... I think... There's a fancy doo-hickey Square 1 has that somehow measures your body fat percentage and your BMI after inputting your height and age. They use these numbers, put it into the formula, and calculate the calories you should eat to lose weight. When I used the doo-hickey back on February 3rd, I got an error message for body fat percentage and BMI. At accountability today, I met my goal - lost 2 pounds - and was measured again. This time, numbers popped up! 43.1 body fat percentage and 41.5 BMI. I was REALLY happy. I was wondering if my star zone would be different, since I have numbers now, but honestly, I kind of thought it was a fluke. So I used the doo-hickey again. The second time, the body fat percentage came back "Error" and BMI was 56-ish. Hmmm... I'm still happy and proud of myself, I'm just wondering which set of numbers is correct. If the second numbers are right, my star zone will change and I can eat more calories and still lose weight. We shall see next week! As Dory says, "Just keep swimming!"

I also think I'm looking trimmer! Before:

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