Monday, June 2, 2014

Meet a Member - Arianna P, Week 16

Week 16: ???

I write ??? as this week's title because there hasn't been much going on -- for once. I am still doing what I said I'd do last week, which is eat and work out. I did not work out this past week as much as I wanted to. Family plans that were supposed to happen two days this week did not happen and I was left sitting there instead of working out. As far as food has gone, I've had two or three stars. The ones that aren't stars have been darned close. That's the biggest thing I have to work on. Food is hard. I've had a kind of epiphany about it though, and I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks, I will have that more under control, God willing. =)

"Don't give up on what you want most for what you want now."
~ Unknown~

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