Friday, April 11, 2014

Meet a Member: Arianna P., Week 9

Week 9: Call Me Cecil

I thought of the classic tale "Moby Dick" for this week's blog. If you aren't familiar with Looney Tunes, the writers did a few "Tortoise and the Hare" cartoons, pitting Bugs Bunny against Cecil Turtle. Cecil might be slow on his own, like most turtles and tortoises, but he's also smart and tricky. In one cartoon, while Bugs races off, thinking he's leaving Cecil to eat his dust, Cecil pushes a button and his shell transforms into mini jet packs and he roars past Bugs. In a different cartoon with Cecil and Bugs, Bugs decides that aerodynamics and a streamlined figure are what gives Cecil an edge. So he makes a shell and tucks his ears under a swimming cap to run faster. But some gangster rabbits, who want to sabotage Cecil, attack "turtle" Bugs, letting "bunny" Cecil win the race. 

I know, I went a long way for that one. How does this relate to me? Despite setbacks (money problems, student teaching business, etc.), losing my "shell" (family and personal stuff), and the gangster bunnies (all those things negatives that life can bring), I'm still working out. Still trying my best to eat right, despite the stress. Still losing weight. Still running my race, the tortoise way. 

So... call me Cecil. =)

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